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Video Page

  Hello and welcome to my video page on flash movies. I divided my work into two groups on this page. One group consists of animations and the other group consists of interactive flash work that I have worked on. More videos will be added in the near future.  Please visit this site again for updates.

Thank you for your time!



Wandering Knight

A sample of typography animation with a made-up game title, "Wandering Knight"

Press SPACEBAR to view the typography animation. (Note: Clicking on "start new journey" and "options" does not link to another page here.)


Joey Goes With Moey

A sample of video with graphic text that goes with the rhythm of the audio. The text gives a feel of the audio.  

Press play to view text.


Read Feed Brain

A tyography sample on reading a book done in flash.

 Some animated text



A Mousy Day

 Here is a sample of a mouse walking.  It reminds me of the old Mickey Mouse cartoons.  


A Lucky Day

Here is a bunny animation that I am working on. The bunny's name is Lucky in "A Lucky Day". This is a short segment of Lucky trying to get an object of his affection.

Sheep Meet

  A short animation of two sheeps meeting.



Flash Interactives

 A Chinese Zodiac Project

I designed this Chinese Zodiac in Flash. It has many pages. The first page is the introduction page that is followed by a chart to figure out what chinese zodiac animal you are by your birthday. The next page will lead you to a wheel of all the chinese animal signs. Click on one and it will give you in decription of they characteristics of your chinese animal sign. On the animal page there is a menu of the main page, wheel and chart. I sketched out the animals and setup the background and made sure the links link up. Enjoy and check out what your chinese zodiac animal is.

Click on the peace sign to enter.


This section below contains 2 sound art piece. You can use it like a musical instrument. They are made in flash. 


"Sound Star"

Click on a star below or move your mouse over one to hear the sounds. Enjoy!  

 "String Blossom"





Instructions: Press "Begin" to start game.  Shoot the flying UFO by clicking the mouse over it.  Press SPACEBAR to reload.

 Shoot The UFO

 A UFO Game: Try to find the UFO in the dark background and shoot it.


 Moving Artwork

 Here are some pictures of my artwork. Click below to scroll through them.





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